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Friends of the Earth for Hepburn Wind, 2

Unlocking the potential of community energy with

The Local Power Plan

The incredible events of 2020 have given Australians a once-in-a-generation moment to decide what we want our future to be.


Especially in the regions, people are hungry for practical ideas about how to seize the momentous opportunities before us and build a generation of shared prosperity. Renewable energy is one such opportunity.


Regional Australia has the best renewable energy resources in the world. A boom in investment is already underway. Our challenge is to ensure that everyday Australians will share in its benefits.


Community energy – where everyday people are empowered to develop, own and benefit from their own energy projects – is a way to ensure the renewable boom happens with and for us, not to us.


This year, communities and experts across Australia have worked together to co-design a practical, realistic blueprint to bring cheap, clean, local power to the regions. 


This is the Local Power Plan. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 11.15.52

Our vision

We could have a sunbelt of 10,000 locally-owned renewable power stations stretching from Esperance to Carpentaria,

bringing new jobs, new opportunities and an infinite supply of cheap, clean, local power to regional Australia.

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